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Write What You Know August 24, 2009

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Post Grad

A new movie came out on Friday. I went to see it with Katie and Kristen. It’s Post Grad. I’ve mentioned it before, but I finally went to see it. Alexis Bledel was her usual adorable self, and I came out wondering why I had wished that the lead wouldn’t end up with the fairy tale ending with the choice between the job and the guy. But that never happens, especially in a movie with her and a movie from Hollywood.

However, while thinking about the  movie before I went to see it, I came to a realization: most of the movies I tend to like are about someone involved in the publishing industry.

It’s not something I do intentionally, but I just tend to gravitate toward movies about writers or editors. Sometimes I don’t even realize it until I’ve sat down in the theater after buying my ticket. That’s what happened when Kelsay, Megan and I went to see The Proposal. The two of them accused me of intentionally making them want to see a movie about an editor and her executive assistant, but I had no idea that’s what type of business it was.

On the other hand, I may watch a movie with horrible acting like Suburban Girl just because it is about a naive associate editor trying to make it big in the Big Apple. Well, that, and Megan practically forced me to watch it . . . from 2,500 miles away.

So, it got me thinking: why is it so easy for me to gravitate toward movies (and books) that involve writers or editors? And then it came to me.

It’s because writers write what they know.

All through high school and college, we are told that the key to writing successfully  to write what we know. For a lot of writers, writing is just about everything that they know. The only major business they understand without extensive research is the publishing business, so you see movies about publishing companies as big business. The only major deadlines some of us understand are writing deadlines, so movies like Stranger Than Fiction appear, emphasizing the stress involved with those. When it comes to a movie about someone breaking into the big time, it usually talks about someone getting their first chance as a reporter like in Never Been Kissed or their inspiration as a writer, such as the recent release of Julie & Julia.

I guess that explains why people write them, but I’ve yet to figure out why I tend to gravitate toward them. Sure, there’s almost always one in the theater, but why is it that those are the ones I see? Is it because they aren’t the cartoons and the absolute horror films? Maybe it’s just all the chick flicks that tend to be written about writers. I mean, sure, I’ve seen Harry Potter and a few other book-based movies, but a large majority are about writers.

Whatever it is, I don’t know.

What about you? Do you see a trend in the types of movies you watch? Does this say something about the person watching the films?


Plot Line Life June 18, 2009

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Every few months for the past year or so, it’s happened. I don’t know how, but my life seems to become the premise for the big screen.

27 DressesWho could forget the wonderful Katherine Heigel film 27 Dresses that premiered a year and a half ago? It was in theaters shortly before I was a bridesmaid for the fourth time. That following summer, I was bombarded with a streak of eight weekends of weddings, which I was either invited to or asked to be involved in playing numerous roles.

Let’s just say that it has not been uncommon for people to ask me if I have 27 dresses hanging in my closet. In reality, I’m working at finding one of every color of the rainbow. (I already have red, yellow, green and purple and will soon be adding blue to that bunch.)

Unfortunately, none of these weddings has caused me to discover that gorgeous yet cynical writer to fall in love with. On that same page, the next movie came out this February.

People who saw the previews for He’s Just Not That Into You in the fall insisted that I see it because of how much it made them think of me. Gee, thanks. The title alone can be taken as an insult. But, they’re right. Far too often I’ve heard that from my friends. Then I saw it for myself and couldn’t stop laughing. Can you guess which line?

Knowing it was based off a book, and because I have developed a rule for not seeing a movie without having read the book, I found a copy and read it in January.

The following month, I saw it the night after it came out with one of my friends and her boyfriend. (We didn’t see it the night it came out because the last two tickets were sold to the two people in front of us in line.) Aside from the lack of representation for any more reasoning behind the why someone wouldn’t have sex in a relationship, it was a fun movie. I wouldn’t say it put the best light on marriage, but there were many enlightening points made to people like me, the ones who over-dramaticize a single encounter with a person.

Now, it’s happening again.

Post GradThis August, another movie is coming out that, when I saw the preview, I nearly cried. It really is as if someone were following me around to come up with different premises for their movies. It’s called Post Grad.

According to the description on IMDb, the basic plot is, “Ryden Malby graduates from college and is forced to move back into her childhood home with her eccentric family, while she attempts to find a job, the right guy, and just a hint of where her life is headed.”


Aside from the (once again) finding the right guy part, that’s my life right now. Maybe I should keep an eye on the movies to find out what I’m going to do next. Or maybe I should be writing these movies.