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Rollercoaster May 14, 2009

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Life gets a little better, life gets a little gray
Live it up, live it long you can always count on
Those unexpected moments when the pleasure just sweeps you away.
We were made for something better,
Something better than this inconsistency,
So while you wait to respond to what’s really going on,
Under shame, under doubt, what’s the whole thing all about,
Sing to me.

– “Rollercoaster” by Kendall Payne

“So while you wait to respond to what’s really going on . . .”  On my drive home from Indiana, I realized that I have been just sitting around just waiting for the next exciting thing to happen to me. I haven’t made much effort in finding anything new.

A few years ago, I made the declaration that I would not be afraid to go where God was leading me, but now I am looking at where I’ve been since I said that, I realize that my life has only been encompassed by fear. I have not experienced as much as I could have, and I have notcome very far because I haven’t been willing to step out and take a risk.

After a conversation I had with a friend yesterday, I have decided that I need to escape the rut I’ve fallen into, whether it’s by going somewhere I’ve never been or by trying something new. I just know I can’t stay where I am at, and I can’t let fear hold me back anymore.

What is holding you back while you’re waiting for what’s next in life?