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Printing Digital Layouts – Persnickety Prints trial August 4, 2010

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If you’ve ever scrapbooked digitally, you’ve probably run into the issue of what to do with those beautiful layouts. Sure you can post them in galleries or on Facebook, but there’s something about flipping through a physical photo album. I’ve been reading lots of reviews and hearing many good things about Persnickety Prints, a photo printing site that specializes in prints for digital scrapbookers. Finally, thanks to a 3-free-prints promo code shared by digiscrap designer Graham Like the Cracker, I’m finally taking the plunge and trying them out!

Here’s the layouts I’m printing:

Buy Digital Prints

Buy Digital Prints

Buy Digital Prints

[credits top to bottom: “Second Trimester” and “First Trimester” – Emily Powers’ Expectantly Yours kit and Law Tee Dah’s Countdown to Baby kit; “Euchre Club” – Lilach Oren’s Lucky You kit]

Within an hour of uploading the full-size 3600×3600 file I received shipment confirmation with a tracking number! Their shipping is a flat $5 for anywhere in the U.S. – can’t beat that, seems like shipping rates are skyrocketing all over the web. Now I’m excited to receive my prints in 2-3 days!

Tell me, have you ever printed digital layouts? Where did you print them at? And were you happy with the quality? I’d love to hear your feedback!


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