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What do I like most about my job? June 29, 2010

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Having two “jobs” complicates this question for me. My first job, and the one I consider most important even if not the most (okay, at all) financially profitable, is that of wife and mother. Although I often get claustrophobic and stir-crazy, still I love taking care of my home and my son. I’m scared to death to take care of two little boys, though! That will be a whole new adventure in motherhood! One of the things I like most about this “job” is the new, exciting adventures I experience every day watching my son grow up and learn new things. I suspect adding a new baby boy into the mix will only enhance this aspect of the “job”!

Speaking of jobs, at the moment my little “boss” is clamoring for mommy’s attention (either that or mommy’s computer, I’m not sure which), so I think I’ll write a little about my second job tomorrow!


One Response to “What do I like most about my job?”

  1. Your “boss” can be quite demanding sometimes :). But it is fun to see him experience the world for the first time!

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