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Sunny Music April 21, 2010

Weather this past week has been wonderful. I was so thankful it continued through the weekend so that I could enjoy my drive to and from Indiana, even if I did forget my jacket.

One of my favorite things about spring is that I can drive with my windows down and music up. After six months of not being able to do that, it’s such a relief to finally roll down the windows and let out all of that stale winter air that has been building up from all of the sweaty bundled up people who’ve ridden in my car all winter, including me. Air fresheners can only do so much before it becomes just a mask over only the grossest smells.

Along with that change, though, comes a change in music. There are some songs and CDs that just beg to be played while driving down the road on a sunny day. So far I’ve come up with a short list:

  • Rilo Kiley’s “Under the Blacklight” CD, particularly the song “Silver Lining”
  • “Love Liberty Disco” by the Newsboys (It’s so much better than anything they’re doing now.)
  • Just about any CD by All Star United
  • The song “Soaking Up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow (I have it on a mix CD from Egan.)
  • Several mix CDs made by Egan, Katie and Kelsay, but there are so many different artists on those I can’t remember them all.

Do you have any others you’d suggest adding to the list?


5 Responses to “Sunny Music”

  1. Goatcabin Says:

    I second the shout-out to All Star United. In fact, the first day it was warm enough to have the moon roof open, Abby noticed the CD shift to ASU.

    I also like The Elms and The Killers (specifically Sam’s Town) in the summer weather.

    And bluegrass. But that’s really good year round.

    • Erin Joy Says:

      How could I have forgotten The Killers?! AND The Elms. I hang my head in shame.

      And then there’s the fact that I left out how many mix CDs you and Abby have made me over the years. Some of yours are particularly great for summertime listening, if they haven’t imploded on themselves, that is.

  2. I totally get what you mean Erin! I love anything by Tom Petty all year round, but especially in the summer.

    • Erin Joy Says:

      I always think of you whenever I read his name somewhere. I’d think of you when I heard his music if I was more conscious of what his music sounded like. 🙂

  3. McMilt Says:

    I’m loving this spring weather and windows down as well! But I have to remember there are kiddos in the backseat, so I can’t crank the music too loud. 😦 I DO enjoy when I get a drive in the car alone! Whoo hoo!

    I have no songs to recommend, though. Sorry.

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