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A Curse to Television March 26, 2010

I think I am cursed. At least when it comes to television.

Every time I find a unique new TV show to enjoy, it seems like about the same time the broadcasting stations decide the show doesn’t have the fans to keep airing or they need to make a major change in the plot to eliminate my favorite character. I could easily give you a list of about five in the last few years, and they aren’t even all from one particular broadcasting company.

I discovered Pushing Daisies at the end of the first season. How could you not love a show staring Lee Pace, Anna Friel and Kristin Chenoweth? Not to mention the hilarious talent of both Chi McBride and Swoosie Kurtz! About the same time I became a truly loyal fan (so much so that I occasionally heard Jim Dale’s voice narrating life in my head), ABC decided they weren’t worth airing the entire second season. They were even forced to throw together a crappy catch-all conclusion slapped onto the end of one of their other episodes. They weren’t even given a fair chance to make a concluding episode. I never managed to get motivated enough to send pie or daisies to ABC like some people did, but I wanted to.

I’ll admit that I was a bit late jumping on the Arrested Development train, but it was disappointing nonetheless when I heard they were discontinuing that quirky show a week or so after I started watching it as well.

During this season of House, M.D., they haven’t decided to discontinue the show, but my favorite character—Cameron (played by Jennifer Morrison)—has been let go. She was the one who was most emotional and morally rooted of the team. I know that her character was greatly reduced the last couple seasons, but she could still handle it. A show with just the guys isn’t quite as entertaining to me, I guess.

Even my favorite how has been tainted since I’ve started watching it! Shortly after I started watching Bones on a regular basis, they remove Dr. Zach Addy. The nerdy one on the show is always my favorite, and Zach was no exception. Considering my love for the show, it’s amazing that Bones is even still on TV, not just turning one of my favorite characters into a cannibal idolizer. I think they need another episode with him back in it again.

And then there’s Dr. Who! I just get hooked this last season, and inevitably, they change The Doctor. Sure, I should have seen that one coming considering how many doctors there have been over the years, but why change just as I start watching? David Tennant is just too great. And I love his accent. Even when I saw him in Harry Potter, all I could think was, “It’s The Doctor!” Let’s just say that Matt Smith has some big shoes to fill in my mind.

After this week’s episode of Castle, I’m starting to question whether I should even be watching television lest it be canceled on me. I’m not inclined to think that the show is going to be canceled, but they will lose significant ratings based on the responses I’ve seen from fans if they make the cut that seemed so obvious to everyone watching.

I understand the role of a writer is to take shows in directions that people won’t expect and to make a creative twist that will continue to capture the audience’s attention, but I just don’t see the benefits in eliminating some of these characters. Sure, I’m biased because they’re my favorites, but it’s not going to keep me watching.

What do you think? Is there just that much turnover on television? Or am I truly cursed? What are some changes in your favorite series that you wish hadn’t happened?


7 Responses to “A Curse to Television”

  1. whogal Says:

    Well, what can you do?!

    In the case of The Doctor, of course you understand the spirit of the show, with the regeneration and all that.

    DT WAS amazing. He is now My Doctor (sorry, Tom Baker!) He wanted to leave while he still loved it and before he outstayed his welcome. Well, he certainly managed that. I’m STILL not over it. Oh, well.

    • Erin Joy Says:

      Yeah, I understand the idea of regeneration, but it was just so well-timed with my having started watching the show. Oh well. I’m curious to see how Matt Smith’s going to portray him. Doesn’t that start this week?

      • whogal Says:

        We can’t blame you for his leaving though, can we?!

        It’ll be interesting… I’ve seen a bit, and he does look very good. But he’ll never replace My Doctor.

        Yep, 3 April, I believe. On a Saturday. Where Doctor Who belongs.

        • Erin Joy Says:

          I will probably have to wait until after Saturday to see it, considering they’re showing (the new) season 4 in the US starting Sunday, I think. I’ll just have to watch online or something.

  2. McMilt Says:

    They got rid of Cameron?!?! Clearly I haven’t been watching! I watch on DVD with Aron, but I’m a few seasons behind, he now watches them online, since it’s one of his favorite shows.

    If something happens to Castle, I’m blaming you. 😛

    • Erin Joy Says:

      Well … let’s just say that Cameron’s back. I may have jumped the gun to assume she’s gone.

      I will cry if Castle’s ever over.

  3. McMilt Says:

    If Castle gets canceled anytime soon, I might actually believe in the curse.

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