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Pregnant and Traveling … with a Toddler March 24, 2010

Tuesday, 7:30 pm – We pull out an hour behind schedule (the imaginary one in my head). Proceed uneventfully to the Fairfield Inn and Suites near Chicago’s Midway airport. Cai kept up a constant stream of jabber that we assume was his commentary on crazy Chicago drivers, weird highway smells, and the drab scenery.

In the car on the way to Chicago

9pm (now Central time) – Josh brings back cold, unsalted french fries and CRISPY chicken instead of grilled from McDonalds, bringing down a hungry pregnant woman’s wrath on his poor almost-bald-now head. Cai tries to see how many times he can almost fall off the bed before mommy has a heart attack and screams I’M HUNGRY SO YOU BETTER WATCH HIM at daddy.

10pm – Cai’s not impressed with the hotel playpen, and knows that since he can see mommy and daddy, they can see him, too, and surely they won’t leave him in there?! Mommy remembers why Cai has his own bedroom at home. Everyone finally falls asleep and he only wakes up a couple times.

Wednesday (barely) 3:28 am – The hotel phone rings, letting us know that breakfast is served from 6:30-9:30. Still haven’t figured out why they needed to tell us at 3:28 am, especially since we won’t even be here for breakfast. Mommy’s bladder is now awake.

3:30 am – Josh’s alarm goes off and the day begins. We somehow manage to leave not one, but both phone chargers and our car charger at the hotel.

5:30 am – After waiting in the cold for 20 minutes or so to check our bags and carseat, we make it through security, redress and gather our stuff, and hike to the furthest possible gate. Once I’m settled, Josh takes Cai and re-hikes back to the food court at the  other end, giving momma a chance to alternately stare vacantly into space and get annoyed with her phone’s Facebook temper tantrum.

Sleepy boys waiting to board

6:30 am – We enjoy special boarding privileges as parents of a young child. A very exhausted Cai seems to enjoy looking out the still-mostly-dark window and handles takeoff like a pro, then falls asleep for the first 45 minutes of the 2 hour, 45 minute flight. Although tired and fussy, he does pretty well the rest of the flight as well, switching between mommy and daddy and emptying the seat pockets as fast as we can refill them.

Naptime comes early when you're up at 3:30 am!

9:30 am – After deplaning in Houston, we walk briskly to, again, the furthest gate, sit for 5 minutes, and board our connecting flight to San Antonio. No potty break. Cai sleeps the entire flight this time, and doesn’t awake until I walk off the plane. Poor kid!

10:45 am – Mommy’s long-suffering bladder finds the nearest bathroom.

11:00 am – We snag our luggage with no difficulty, meet up with my Dad, and maneuver out of the confusing, construction-laden tangle of airport traffic. After a delicious lunch at Tiago’s, a cabo grill, during which we speculated on the meaning of “cabo,” Dad deposited us at his room in the Residence Inn and returned to work. We returned to bed.

4:15 pm – I rouse from my exhausted collapse to take a warm bath. Ahh! Time to tackle final planning for the next few days! House hunting, job interviews for Josh, zoo visit, and waterpark are all on the agenda.

Stay tuned for more!


5 Responses to “Pregnant and Traveling … with a Toddler”

  1. Erin Joy Says:

    Josh’s face screams, “You’re going to do WHAT with this photo of us?!”

    Thanks for the laughs, Michelle. I hope the job searching goes well while you’re down there.

  2. I got a laugh out of this too. I hope the rest of the trip is smoother! If a hotel ever calls me at 3:28am, they’re going to hear about it on a comment card. 🙂

  3. McMilt Says:

    I feel your pain, Michelle (hi, I’m Katie!), traveling with kiddos is not fun, nor is traveling pregnant… the combo is awful. We’re currently visiting my in-laws, the crib situation is our struggle right now, my 14 month old doesn’t do well if she can see me when she’s supposed to be sleeping. Best of luck on the job hunt/relocation… we’re in that boat too 🙂

    • michellehuegel Says:

      Katie, my now-15 mo old is the exact same way!! We had so much trouble in the hotel room because there was nowhere out of sight for the playpen! Not sure why that makes a difference but it sure does to them!!

      • McMilt Says:

        My husband is currently deployed overseas… we actually tossed around the idea of our girls, (Ella 3.5 and Chloe 14 mos) traveling with me to go see him. Ugh. Let’s just say that thought was extremely fleeting (for me, at least). I just made the trip at the beginning of the month, alone, and am sooo glad I didn’t attempt it with my kids in tow!

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