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Lights, Camera, Action … February 1, 2010

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There’s a movie that comes out tomorrow night, and I’m super excited. I’m more excited about this than I was about Avatar. (Oh, wait, I wasn’t excited about that.) Most of you probably won’t see it at your theaters because it’s a movie that didn’t have a big budget (but there were Disney stars!), and it was filmed in Grand Rapids. And that brings me to why I find it so exciting.

This summer, I had the opportunity to be on set for the filming of a few scenes of the movie, The Genesis Code. I had originally signed up to be an extra on a Wednesday, but when I got there on timethey had already started because enough walk-ins had shown up. So, I sat around for the next six hours, watching them film and talking to different people on set. It was an incredible experience, even if I didn’t have my two and a half seconds of fame built on that night.

Having not been in the movie at all so far, the extras casting crew signed me up to be an extra on the following Saturday night before they were offering it to anyone else on set. I arrived at the shoot a half an hour before they told me (because I wasn’t about to miss out and just sit around all night again), and I was the first person to arrive. Even crew wasn’t there yet. Oops. I guess the time that they told me was actually 45 minutes early for the time I needed to be there. Ah well.

Once we were all there and signed in, they moved us over to the other side of Calvin’s campus, where we waited in a classroom for a while. It was interesting talking to those around me for a while. I think that was the best part about being an extra for the movie, meeting such a variety of people. There were a lot of people from the area there, just like I was, to be an extra, but some of the more intriguing people were the ones who were there from out of state. I mean, come on, western Michigan doesn’t really produce the best variety of people to bump into. Most are of a typical Dutch background with some sort of religious beliefs. Those hailing from elsewhere came with a broader perspective on life, and that intrigued me.

Anyways, we spent much of the night walking up and down stairs or back and forth across a hallway, silently “speaking” with other extras in (obviously) the background. Up until that moment, I never thought much of the people wandering as extras in these shows. Now I see them in everything. It’s kind of fun, to be honest.

Due to my clumsy nature, I might have accidentally tripped across the background or up or down the steps a time or two, so if you go see it, make sure you watch for that. I don’t know when I’ll be seeing it, but I definitely know that my striped hat showed up in the trailor. Maybe I’ll have to look later for my green bag. (My coat’s as non-descript as you can get, being black and wool.)

Until then, here’s the web trailer I was talking about:


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  1. About what time does your hat show up?

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