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Writing Prompt: Naming the Diner, Naming the Diet, Naming the Dog December 9, 2009

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Here’s a fun writing prompt to get your creative juices going! This is also from the book, What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writer by Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter. My answers are in the non italicized font. The first name I list will be the sincere one and the second farcical.

In your notebook, keep a list of unusual names for potential characters. in fact, every writer should have a collection of old yearbooks, benefit programs, phone books and so forth to browse through when he needs to name a character. And don’t stop there. keep lists for things you might need to name in a story sometime.

Name the following things. Imagine stories they might go in. remember that tone is important, so choose both an earnest name and a farcical one

a desert town Daley, Dirt

a race horse Swifty, Thundering Steed

a literary magazine Emerging,  The Steven S. Nobs Literary Journal

a new disease, Hastings disease, Aggitator’s Rash

a rock band Tommy and Hearty Boys, The Shrieking Guitar

a summer cottage Cedar Lake, Inglewood

triplets Sandy, Mandy and Tammy,  Itsy, Bitsy and Tipsy

a liqueur Timberwood Wine, Drunk Skunk Beer

a football team The Hammers ,The Kelder Koalas

a diner The Meet n’ Eat, The Eat n’ Run

a new religion Breneanism, Prodism

a new planet Creed, Clean

a polluted river The Latney River, The Labor River

a poetry collection Needles in a Haystack,  Alberta and Scope of Dawn

a chihuahua Beanie, Bowzer

a burglar Aaron Reed, Rick Swipe

a beauty salon Timeless , The Set n’ Spray Beauty Parlor

a new diet The Metabolism Restoration Diet, (I couldn’t stop at just one farcical name, sorry.) The Suck It In and Win! Fitness Program, The Gag Reflex Restraining Diet, The Doom and Bloom Diet, The Slow Diet

a soap opera Delaney Court, Drama Days High

a bar The Lipstick Ladies Tavern, Chuggers

a lipstick color Strawberries and Cream, Blooming Roses

a yacht Swimming Beauty, Sink or Swim

I’d love to see what you come up with!


One Response to “Writing Prompt: Naming the Diner, Naming the Diet, Naming the Dog”

  1. Erin Joy Says:

    How fun! Your diets cracked me up.

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