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December Days (2 and 3) December 3, 2009

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With no further ado, since I ado’d pretty extensively in my journal (no clue yet how I’m going to fit all that adoing in a mini-scrapbook…), here are my journal entries for December, days two and three. How are you doing on yours?

Dec 2nd

Unfortunately, day two wasn’t any less stressful. My dog (as Josh so clearly defines him) messed in his kennel, making the whole house stink. My little brother came over to help clean him up, albeit grudgingly. But let me say again—Thank you, Timothy! For some reason dog mess just does me in. It was the one thing when I was pregnant that sent me running for the bathroom. I just don’t cope as well with dog stress. Which is why, sadly, we’re looking for a new home for Cadbury. He’s such a sweetie when he’s not yipping nonstop in his kennel or making messes. In reality, I know the messes are mostly my fault because I don’t take him out often enough and give him the playtime he needs. We finally decided that something had to go, and it wasn’t going to be Cai! Dogs sometimes take as much time and attention as a baby.

Back to the holidays… the tree now sports two strands of lights, silver tinsel, and ALL of the ornaments! Since it’s quite a small tree, our 50+ ornaments really fill it out. My parents and Lewis grandparents have both given me a Hallmark ornament each year since I was born, and some years an extra for one reason or another, so I’ve amassed quite a collection. Josh and I have decided to continue the tradition for Cai, and his first ornament from us is an adorable classic Pooh one!

We also accomplished moving a pile of boxes and stuff out to the shed, and I rearranged and finished decorating the living room. Overall I feel pretty good about what I accomplished.

Cai’s been teething, poor little guy, and so he made everything 10x more difficult by being fussy and clingy. Can’t really blame him, though. I understand tooth pain all too well! I read somewhere that if adults had to go through what babies do when cutting new teeth, we would actually go into shock—our bodies couldn’t handle it. Gives you a new respect for babies, right? Of course now he’s grinning at me and trying to sneak a hand onto my keyboard. So hard to rebuke him when he’s grinning like that!! I missed my last Bible study at church tonight because he needed mama’s snuggles, but I can always go to another Bible study. He won’t always need his mama to hug and kiss and sing him to sleep, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can. 🙂

Dec 3rd

Today I channeled my Christmas spirit into a spankin’ new hair color—bright Christmasy red! Or at least a nice shade of coppery auburn! (Pictures to come…) Now maybe when I’m out shopping or whatnot with my unmistakably redheaded son, people won’t ask “So where’d he get his red hair?”

If you have a similar problem, here’s three fun responses guaranteed to quell any further conversation attempts:

  1. My husband’s brother has red hair.
  2. God was temporarily colorblind and mixed up his hair with the Irish kid across the ocean.
  3. The mailman (an oldie but a goodie)!

Let me know how those work for you. 🙂

But back to day three of December—big news all over town today, of course, was SNOW! The first tentative flakes (in some places not-so-tentative, I hear, but I think I was plastered in red goo reading a magazine when the braver flakes ventured forth) drifted down today in Niles. My mother insists we had snow earlier this fall, but since I didn’t see it and it didn’t stick around to be seen, it doesn’t count in my book. Today’s snow struggled with an identity crisis, however, and waffled between rain, sleet, freezing rain (I really wish somebody could explain to me the difference between sleet and freezing rain), and snow. It didn’t stick very well either. I’m actually quite disappointed in the whole affair. If it’s going to be wet and gray and icky and freezing cold we may as well have a foot of pretty white snow to soften the blow. According to the weathermen (who are ALWAYS right) we “have an 8” snow deficit”, which in layman’s terms means God is saving up to dump a whole foot or two of fluffy beautiful snow on Christmas Eve. Right? Makes sense to me.

Does your family give Hallmark ornaments for Christmas? Or do you have another favorite family tradition? I’d love to hear them–Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, and it’s so fun to carry on old traditions and begin new ones with my own little family!!


3 Responses to “December Days (2 and 3)”

  1. Erin Joy Says:

    1) The town mailman is my college roommate’s husband’s dad. That’s just wrong.

    2) Our family does the ornament thing. My parents get an angel or Father Christmas. My brother gets Star Wars. And I get Barbie. I could decorate a tree with just my Barbie ornaments. It’s a little bit pathetic.

  2. Michelle, this post was so fun to read! I hope you find a good home for Cadbury.

    My family must be the freaks of the bunch because we don’t give each other ornaments. I think my favorite Christmas tradition (besides the music and lights) is brunch at my grandparents house on December 24th. We cook steaks on the grill, egg souffle, cheesy potatoes and all kinds of fattening goodness. It’s my favorite meal of the year!

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