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More, More, MORE! November 24, 2009

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Hi, I’m 24 years old, and I have my first retail job this Christmas season.

There, I’ve said it. It’s out in the open. I feel so much better now.

Most people get one while they’re in high school, but my parents decided that they wanted us to focus on being kids and having fun rather than worrying about car payments and such. The logic has its ups and downs, but there’s nothing I can change about that now.

First thing I’ve noticed is that Christmas starts the moment Halloween is over.

Being in the mall significantly more often this season has made me see commercialized Christmas in a whole new way. I mean, I knew we were horrible about it, but this year it’s repeatedly thrown in my face.

I keep seeing the overuse of the word “more”, and it frustrates me to no end. One store has it on every sign they put out. It’s bigger than any other words in the advertisement, and all it makes me think of is that greedy girl, Veruca Salt, in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Another store sent out advertisements saying that “Joy is just a click away.” Real joy, my friends, is not just a click away. Actually, when I start clicking away, my stress level rises and my joy is definitely not present, even if it is part of my name.

And then there’s the whole idea of Black Friday. I know a lot of people love going out and getting these amazing deals after standing in line at ridiculous hours that morning, but I dread the idea that I now have to work that day. The idea of fighting traffic with the same people who have been planning their schedules for months makes me apprehensive. I’m just thankful we don’t have snow yet this year. (But that’s still a couple days away, so who knows?)

So, how do I avoid the holiday pressures while working at the mall? I’m not sure. I’m still trying to figure that one out. And just think: sales are so much harder to resist with an employee discount!

What about you? How do you avoid all the stress and pressure of the sales? If you do, have you any suggestions for the rest of us who are much more easily (and as guiltily) swayed by them?


4 Responses to “More, More, MORE!”

  1. Kristeen Says:

    I am a sucker for those sales. I am the crazy lady up at 4 am to catch a place my 1st choice store on Black Friday. I cannot help it. It’s an addiction. If you find someone that has a remedy for the temptation I would be glad to hear. 🙂

    • Erin Joy Says:

      I didn’t work that morning, and I considered going out, but having gotten sick on Thanksgiving, I decided it was against my best interest if I wanted to not have to take off work.

  2. michellehuegel Says:

    I worked at a fine jewelry store/kiosk at the mall during one holiday season. Some guy stole a diamond ring while I was working, and that pretty much ruined me for holiday mall retail!! I suppose cell phone stores still qualify as retail, but it’s not quite the same. All that to say, my best suggestion for avoiding temptation is to RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN! Also make sure you don’t have computer access because did you know stores run special online-only deals??!!?!? Somebody take my computer away now please!!!

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