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Words speak louder than actions October 24, 2009

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You know the cliche, “actions speak louder than words”? Unfortunately for me, when it comes to blogging, the reverse is true. I spend time thinking about possible blog post topics, researching ideas, reading about blogging tips and tricks, studying my favorite bloggers, and generally taking all sorts of actions related to my blog. Except for writing the actual words. It doesn’t matter how much thought I give to my words if no one can ever read them because I don’t write them. I’m sure you all would prefer to read something funny, interesting, timely, and/or helpful, but you would also probably (hopefully!) prefer  to read something rather than nothing at all. So, here’s something.

I spend almost as much time on my Windows Mobile smart phone (currently an HTC Mogul on Alltel) as I do on my computer, which is a lot of time. So I’m considering whether blogging from my phone is a workable solution. Although I can’t see writing a 1,000-word post on a virtual keyboard the size of my thumb, “mini-posts” would be possible.

I know, it’s not a technical term, but often I get ideas during the day that I would love to share, but I don’t have time to sit and flesh out the idea right then, and I forget by the time I do. So to help remedy my lack of words in relation to action, I am giving myself permission to not always flesh out my thoughts and ideas – to just give them to you raw and fresh, and you can make of me what you will.

And if you have a mobile device, check out WordPress’s new mobile themes, which hopefully make it even easier to read your favorite blogs (like LifeInk!) on your phone!


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