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Wizard of Oz Fun October 19, 2009

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Writing my last post on The Wizard of Oz got me thinking about all the cool Oz memorabilia out there. I have my own personal collection (largely thanks to Michelle) of knick knacks and each piece has meaning. But here’s some other stuff I found while perusing the internet.

Here’s an Arabian style “test slipper” MGM played with several designs before choosing the ones you see in the film. Debbie Reynolds own them now.


highmetallicrubyslippers These gorgeous ruby slipper replicas were made by Fairy Dust Shoes you can even get them in green, for when Dorothy was in Emerald City or silver, the original color in Frank L. Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

slippersofoz-c If you can’t get enough of the ruby slippers (or can’t afford the replica’s) here’s a book that tracks each known pair of slippers and where they are today.

frightenedfoursometshirtThis t-shirt, print and cute journal were my favorites of the Oz items sold at the Warner Brother’s Store.



I could do a whole separate post on some of the awful Oz merchandise, raunchy adult costumes, talking clocks and flying monkeys salt and pepper shakers. But I’m choosing to stay positive.

What are some of your favorite things to collect and how do you keep them from getting unwieldy?


2 Responses to “Wizard of Oz Fun”

  1. Erin Joy Says:

    I’m pretty sure that, while Debbie Reynolds owns the shoes, they’re on display at the Smithsonian in DC. I remember thinking of you when I visited last. They even advertised it on street corners, so I thought of you a lot. Hehe.

  2. Joel Says:

    Cute post, m’luv! I was thinking as I was staring at those shoes, “I could see Ashley wearing those…” 🙂

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