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“I wish I could write …” Writing Exercise, part 2 August 28, 2009

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In line with Michelle’s post, I’ve decided to write my own 250 words (plus a couple) about what I wish I could write. Here it is:

I wish I could write something I think others find worth reading. I wish I could do this on a regular basis. The standard I place on my writing should be higher, and I should consider the audience more when I write. Writing is not only for my benefit, but should be beneficial to those who are readers. Not every word is worth reading, and I desire my writing to be something people consider worthwhile.

I wish I could write something creative. I know that I think creatively, but to convey this through words and make it understandable to others beyond my own mind is the challenge. I need to expand my vocabulary on a regular basis, making sure to use the new words that I learn.

I wish I could write something inspiring. I don’t want to be just writing simply to write, and I don’t want what I write to lay dull on the page (or screen) where people pass right by it without giving it a second thought. In order to do that, I need to put more thought into what I write, down to each word I choose, even if that means I need to go back and rewrite multiple times. I know I need to do that more.

I wish I could write and rewrite without becoming bored with what I’m writing. That is a habit that I have acquired through the awful tendency to be last minute on everything, procrastinating it all until I must get things finished. It has been too long since I have been forced to make a rewrite of something once it is on the page.


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