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10 Things to Do Before You Quit Your Day Job August 27, 2009

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This article from The Urban Muse is so perfect for me right now, as I’m transitioning from my “day job” to being full-time mommy (first!) and freelancer. Some great tips, especially numbers 3 and 5, which I think are somewhat related. Often – or at least hopefully – joining professional organizations is a great source of networking and finding new contacts.

I’m also working on ideas for using my existing network of business contacts with the cell phone store to generate editing/writing business. One idea (thanks to my mother, actually) is to join the local Chamber of Commerce and then offer my services to the Niles business community to help with their Web sites/blogs, writing/editing brochures, advertisements, etc.

If you’re a writer or editor, have you joined your Chamber of Commerce or equivalent? Has it benefited you?


3 Responses to “10 Things to Do Before You Quit Your Day Job”

  1. Susan Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the post! I haven’t joined my Local Chamber of Commerce (though I wouldn’t rule it out in the future). I’m an active volunteer for several organizations, including Media Bistro. Some of them are literary, some aren’t, but the important thing is that I enjoy going to events even if I don’t score a new client. If you’re too focused on “what’s in it for you me?” you can come off as insincere (not that you would, just saying). Being there to help out and possibly meet prospective clients is usually a better approach.

  2. Great article Michelle, thanks for sharing. No, I haven’t joined the Chamber of Commerce, that’s a good idea though.

    And the article made me feel guilty for not having business cards. ūüė¶

  3. Erin Joy Says:

    I’m working on having a friend help me set up a less Shutterfly-based site while she’s still in the country. And I had fun talking with people at the movie shoot last night about writing/editing opportunities with the movies coming into Michigan.

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