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Sometimes it’s good to be picky August 10, 2009

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On a recent shopping trip, I stood in front of the fitting room mirror examining how a shirt looked on me. It covered me and I didn’t look like a circus tent, but I decided not to buy it because I didn’t love it. I’m tired of wearing clothes that are just ok; I want to start wearing clothes that I think look good and maybe give me a little boost.


This principle applies to time also.  Money and time are both limited resources  and if I spend them on things that are just ok, I can’t spend them on things I love.

Now do I love cleaning the sink or folding laundry? No, but they need to be done so they have a category of their own.

But why spend time reading books that are so-so when there are so many great books? Just so I can say, “I’ve read it but have no recollection of it because even though my eyes were reading I was actually counting the tiles in the ceiling.”

And why spend time applying for freelance jobs that I don’t really want just so I can say, “I did something?” Does my half-hearted attempt at an e-mail response even count for “something?”

So I’m cutting back. I’d rather apply well to a few jobs that excite me (and let my cover e-mail show that) then send a generic message to five posts a day because I’m desperate.

Here are things I’m getting rid of, to make more room for what I need/love

1.Finishing articles, magazines, movies, blogs, books and songs that I’m not really interested in.

2. Watching TV shows I don’t enjoy just because I’m in front of a TV.  (This changes a little if Joel or another family member is enjoying it.)

3. Mindlessly playing computer games or surfing the internet.

5. Cooking food I don’t look forward to eating.

6. Applying to jobs I don’t want.

7. Taking on commitments that feel like a burden and aren’t a need.

After making this list it’s amazing how much I do that I don’t enjoy. And I don’t even have some moral obligation telling me to.

How about you? What could you get rid of to make more room for what you love?


5 Responses to “Sometimes it’s good to be picky”

  1. Erin Joy Says:

    Wise choice, Ashley. I like this. You could totally make an article about simplification out of this. Everyone wants to simplify these days.

    Sometimes I feel that way about #6, but I am so desperate for a job right now that it makes a rejection letter feel better when I didn’t passionately want the job anyways.

    I’m thankful our TV is off in a corner room where I don’t ever pass by it. As a result, I rarely watch it there, just when I’m babysitting and children have been put down in their beds for nap time/bedtime.

  2. Erin Joy Says:

    Check out what this article about job searching has to say:

    It may be the answer to why I don’t have a job.

    • Thanks Erin, I’m glad you liked the post. 🙂

      There were a couple articles on the page so I’m not sure which one may be the answer to why you don’t have a job. But I read them all and the one that I relating to here was the one that said applicants come across as too desperate. I’m not sure how that happens in a cover e-mail, but it does.

      I once read somewhere, I can’t remember where that you need to know why the company should hire you and, “Because I’m desperate and need the money” isn’t a good motivation for them or you.

      Hence, my decision to apply for jobs where I actually want to do the work and feel like I have something to contribute. Then I have more energy when I’m applying and I think that comes across too.

      • Erin Joy Says:

        It was the costly mistakes article. I tend to be too desperate sometimes, especially lately. I’ve decided to only apply for jobs I really care to have, even if that does mean getting my hopes up more often than I like.

  3. Me too! 🙂 We’ll be in it together.

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