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My Professional Vision June 4, 2009

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After reading Michael Hyatt’s post on vision, I decided to form a vision for my writing and editing career.

In the post, Hyatt explains that vision is the goal and strategy is the plan for getting there, so vision is actually more important than strategy.

I got quiet (or as quiet as I could get with stopping for lunch and pausing to talk to my mom). And tried to think without limitation. It was exhilarating and scary letting my heart and my mind run wild with where I felt God wanted to take me. God has been working with me in general about limiting Him in my thinking, “Look God, you don’t have to do anything impressive, I’ll settle for just getting me through this day.”

Now maybe I’m still thinking small because my vision doesn’t include a multi-million dollar book deal and building a separate office for all my fan mail. If that’s in my future so be it, but my destination isn’t fame and fortune. My ultimate desire is to serve God and the Kingdom well, to write well-crafted words. I’m pretty sure if this is the mark I’m aiming to hit God will not only meet the monetary needs of my family, but enable my family to be a resource for others.

For those of you who feel stuck or feel like they are drowning in a aimlessness, I’d recommend taking an hour and answering these questions. Knowing where you are going makes the route a lot clearer.

Here is my professional vision, but you’re not allowed to copy me:

I write well-crafted, meaningful, novels, poetry, articles and short stories. My query and cover letters are both honest and professional. I write every weekday and enjoy it. I make enough income from writing that I can quit both of my part-time jobs and the IRS lets me call what I do a business. I have written a novel, held the published book in my hands and flipped through the pages. I have a good agent at a reputable agency. I attend writer’s conferences as a participant and a speaker. Bethel will ask me to speak at their writing workshop. I publish at least 10 articles, short stories, poems or sidebars a year. I’ve sold everything in my “unsold” pile. I am confident and come up with ideas easily. People understand that I have to devote time to writing. I can still take care of my family and home the way I like to. I hear back from 75% of my e-mails. I accept only the projects that I want to do. I submit at least twice a month. I feel confident in my editing skills and have a reputation as a solid editor.  My mentor says she is proud of me and was right about me the whole time.

Please feel free to share your personal or professional vision with me!


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